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Daniela Speranta Robota

I am employed by the County Centre of Resources and Educational Activities from Iasi, Romania and my status is equal to a teacher profession.
My activity takes place in a very powerful high-schol in Iasi – The National College of Iasi and in a kindergarten (Sf. Sava kindergarten of Iasi).
My activities are wide and include: advising students, parents and teachers on issues concerning knowledge / self-knowledge of students, helping students to adapt to school requirements, optimizing the following relationships: parents – children, students – teachers, school family, the prevention / decreasing of the state of psychological discomfort, career guidance for students, psychological examination of the students (at the request of the school, parents, school inspectorate), organization and realization of some programs of career guidance for students, including children from rural areas and those in other situations that induce a socio-economic and cultural disadvantage, the psycho-pedagogical initiation of parents for a better understanding of children and improvement of their educational behavior; the collection of data (together with other specialized organisms) on the dynamic of professions in territory and their use in counseling and guidance work.
I have graduated from Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education and I have a master degree in Human Relations and Communication and I worked for more than 20 years in the field of school counseling.
The main challenges in my profession are those related primarily to my skills to respond to the needs of the beneficiaries, taking into account the particularities of each generation and the ability to create good and lasting connections with all those who need assistance and advice. Within the school, there is the Counseling and Psychopedagogical Assistance Office where I carry out my work: both individual counseling sessions, as well as group counseling or collective counseling sessions. Sometimes my schedule is extremely busy and I don’t manage to cover the existing requests and the people who need my help have to wait, depending on the schedule. Often the issues that I have to cover in a day vary greatly, from academic career counseling to older high school students to interpersonal conflicts in the classes of younger students, prevention of risky behaviors or specific bullying phenomena, problems of learning or the risks of substance use.
At every moment I have to be ready to listen to the person in front of me and to be able to support him in solving the problem he has, which can be very demanding and tiring. Often, at the end of the day, my energy is almost completely spent. But equally, the satisfaction I experience every time when the beneficiaries are satisfied with the help they received and manage to overcome the difficulties (and they are successful especially at school but also in their private lives), brings me enough energy to continue and to remain in this profession and improve my skills.

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