Anna Pencheva

I am Anna Pencheva and I have been doing entrepreneurship for almost 10 years. Before that, I have 19 years of professional experience, of which about 15 in a managerial position. At a certain stage in my life, I decided to take advantage of the accumulated knowledge, experience and contacts and take up entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship requires strong motivation and dedication – practically working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What people see is that the entrepreneur has no bosses. What your family sees is that the business is your boss. Being an entrepreneur means realizing an idea that you consider very good, meaningful and profitable. It also means having a global view of the business, finding and keeping customers, expanding the services you provide, creating favorable and motivating working conditions for your staff, finding and keeping quality people, knowing and complying with the legislation in the relevant sector, financial and tax legislation, as well as dealing with all kinds of challenges every day.

In my opinion, the skills that are needed by anyone who would like to be an entrepreneur include innovation, creativity, willingness and ability to take responsibility, try and develop new things, coping with stress, time management, work and interaction with people, a lot of patience, resilience and openness to changes and challenges. In the end, the pleasure and satisfaction of the achievement makes sense of all the efforts and difficulties.

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