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It is important to me that my profession is:

Prestigious and respected?
Useful for society?
Provides an opportunity for career growth?
Gives me the opportunity to learn many new things?
Gives an opportunity for expression and recognition?
Brings good income?
Includes varied and interesting work tasks?
With a permanent workplace?
In a large organization?
In a public institution?
In a production environment?
In a frequent outdoor work?
Includes travel?
Fixed pay?
With set working hours?
Dynamic, with short lead times?
With clear and precise instructions to follow?
With the ability to plan and structure tasks the way I want?
Requires collaboration and teamwork?
Requires working with clients on a daily basis?
Requires creativity, innovation and artistic skills?
Requires computer skills?
Requires dexterity and skill in operating machinery, technical tools and equipment?
Requires high concentration and precision?
Associated with making important decisions and responsibility for people?
Mostly intellectual?
Related to exerting influence, leadership, control?
Related to planning, motivating, persuading, public speaking?
Aimed at providing support, assistance, training and services?
Aimed at solving practical problems?
Achievement and results oriented?
Associated with solving challenges, taking initiative and risks?
Related to research, conducting experiments and scientific work?
Working with money, numbers, facts, documents and procedures?