Receptionist at the services of the municipality of Reims in France

Delphine Lavocat

I am Delphine and I’ve been working for a year as a receptionist at the Reims City Hall in the administrative services.

My duties consist in welcoming visitors of the services of the municipality of Reims in France in their administrative procedures, to guide them directly and efficiently and to give them advice.

My job, for 5 days a week, requires consistency, a smile and tact to dialogue with all kinds of people. I work as part of a team. It’s sometimes stressful, especially with some people who aren’t always easy to understand and calm down in relation to their expectations.

I have a technical bachelor’s degree in medical secretarial work. After several years of medical secretarial work, and after a long period (several years) of sick leave, I benefited from a program adapted to my health and reorientation towards welcoming the public as a team. The basic skills that are needed by anyone who would be involved in this work are tolerance, respect, and ability to understand the needs of the public beyond communication skills.

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