Manager of a security company

Arnaud Baudouin

I am Arnaud and for more than 20 years my work has been dedicated to the security of the shops or banks I work for. I deal every day with the security of people and premises in the south of France.

My works is mainly to administrate the contracts that companies have signed with my company. We must evaluate the level of surety requested depending on the situation.

The work means being able to offer tailored made services, to be prompt to adapt to new situation and sometimes face danger. This can be intense and stressful. Something specific to this job, is as well that HR is very important. We must make sure we can rely on the employees that work for us. A strict control of their “life” is necessary and during the time they work with us we both need to train them but never underestimate the psychological aspect of the job.

I have a diploma from a prestigious school in Art in Paris, but life has conducted me to a totally different area. I have very often training sessions. The basic skills that are needed who would be involved in this work are tenacity, ability to work in stress situation, being calm, good capacity to analyze people, team work and of course because I am a manager, leading competences.

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