Auxiliary Nursing Technician

Marcia Pérez

I have been an Auxiliary Nursing Technician for 20 years, more or less since I immigrated to Spain from Ecuador.
I studied the Nursing Assistant Technician course, which lasted 1 year of theoretical knowledge and 6 months of practical training. The nursing assistant is the professional in charge of the attention and basic care of patients, carrying out tasks such as mobilisation, cleaning, feeding, administering non-parenteral medication or carrying out simple cures and emergencies.
I like my profession very much because I am in direct contact with people and can to a certain extent soothe their ailments. I am very satisfied with my work. Moreover, Nursing Assistant is a professional profile that offers, in addition, possibilities for growth and improvement of one’s own position with years and experience. In fact, through continuing education for nursing assistants, it is possible to become a team leader of nursing assistants, or to develop one’s own profile in the emergency medicine sector.
I believe that the main skill to develop my profession is to have a lot of empathy and patience with people, then to know how to carry out my work with professionalism and a lot of care.

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