Geriatric nurse

Rosa Rodrigues

I have been a Geriatric Nurse for 15 years, since then I have been working in a nursing home for elderly people.
I studied Geriatric Nursing and then I did some short specialisation courses because I like my profession and I always want to take better care of my patients.
I think that my profession has many good things, and the most important for me is to take care of people in need with love, sometimes it is not very pleasant work (like personal hygiene), but it is very worth the effort because people are very kind and grateful.
The main skills and competences that I consider necessary for this profession are to have social and communicative skills for the correct care of patients and their relatives, a great capacity of observation to detect the patient’s needs, and to be in good shape to be able to help the people I care for, most of whom have limited mobility.

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