Software Consultant

Ivan Daskalov

My job is to help our customers make full use of the software’s capabilities. And because there is no super program that can do everything by default, after I listen to them about what they typically do in their business and what they want to achieve as a bottom line, I give them specific suggestions for what we can do for them. This is where the most interesting part of my job comes in, because after we discuss the different case studies, I create for them the added value they need. Doing something new is INSPIRING! You have the freedom to think (discuss ideas with customers), create (find the best option for implementing ideas) and create (change a program as a result of the previous two).

The biggest challenge is the customers. They have their own lives and to arrange a meeting with them is sometimes a miracle. Also, they have their own ideas that you need to understand. This is the most important thing in our profession – to understand what the client wants and to translate it into our software. Good communication is at the heart of working with clients and colleagues. Your life path is leading in this regard, and a higher education in the field of economic sciences will be an ideal preparation.

The technical knowledge related to the relevant program is acquired through professional courses and many practical exercises in a controlled test environment. It is different from the environments mentioned above. Logical thinking is leading in the technical implementation of projects. Programming is optional, but a big plus.

It’s never too late or too early to become a software consultant. I worked for 12 years in the field of finance before changing jobs.

There is hardly a perfect job, so my advice is basic – be responsible, especially to yourself. If you sleep peacefully, it means that you have done your job well.

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