Customers Service Specialist

Teodora Georgieva

I’m Teodora and I’ve been working in a call center for almost five years. The work is in a virtual environment with foreign clients of all nationalities. I communicate in German and English. My job is to represent eBay to buyers and sellers. I help them with problems that arise in the buying and selling process.

The work is stressful and requires mental toughness, a high level of concentration, empathy and flexibility. On the one hand, eBay has clear and specific procedures and instructions. At the same time, each client’s case is different and requires an individual approach in real time. The psychological approach, the use of artistic skills and negotiation skills are of particular importance for successfully dealing with the work. The position requires an analytical mind, logical thinking, responsibility, teamwork skills, time management and quick response. All this makes the job very dynamic and demanding perfect performance at any moment.

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