Training provider in the lifelong learning system

Matteo Paradisi

I have been working over ten years in the lifelong learning system, mainly as European project manager and provider of training courses on soft skills. In particular I focus on career guidance and orientation processes, helping people in increasing their employability.
My job is very stimulating and challenging because it deals with strategies and projects supporting people enhancing their employability and unlocking their potential. It also gives me the opportunity to make experiences of great value, in contact with people from different countries and backgrounds.
My job gives me the opportunity continuously studying, learning new things and acquiring “on the ground” further experience as career guidance and training expert. Moreover, working in an international environment gives me the possibility to expand my horizons. This is the reason that leads me to keep going with this job.
I need to study and update my knowledge and my competences every day. This is very challenging and demanding, but on the other side it also gives me the possibility to learn new things. Training needs are different among different target groups and I must be able “to find the best suit for every customer”. And the most important thing is stimulating the curiosity of participants in the training sessions. Being prepared on the topics and knowing very well the content of the training is not enough. And feedbacks at the end of the sessions are very important to continuously improve the quality of the training provided.

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