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Elena Bomba

I’m Elena, I’m 27 years old and I have a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Milan. After my studies and a one-year experience at a parastatal company in Milan, I made the choice to return to my hometown to find luck and love. After 2 months of research, I found my current job which I have been doing for more than one year at a small training company in central Italy, born as a training company for metal-mechanic companies.
My work revolves around funded training, as well as free for companies, because it is covered by the interprofessional funds existing in Italy, such as Fondimpresa, Anpal, Fornacom, etc.
The requirement to take advantage of them is to be a member of these funds. My main work activity is listening to companies, understanding their internal professional and relational realities, understanding their gaps, and offering companies an ad hoc training project capable of highlighting their strengths and strengthening their technical preparation.
However, we have become competitive on the market thanks to the fact that we are able to offer financed training courses that are not only technical, but the areas we guarantee range from social to psychological, from medical to agri-food, from catering to BIM writing and design technology.

The aspect I like most about this job is convincing SMEs of the benefits of training and how important it is to grow and be more competitive on the existing market within an increasingly evolving industrial area (Val di Sangro).

I feel that my career path has not yet reached the right goal for me. I would like to explore the gaps that my work imposes in order to be as autonomous as possible: for example, I would like to study all the contractual and administrative-accounting matters that lie behind the practice that I use on a daily basis to complete all phases of training: from planning to meeting between company demand and supply of professionals selected by me for the company, to the provision and monitoring of training hours at the end of the course up to the reporting (i.e. the supporting document to be presented 30 days after the closing of the tender, the only way to receive money from the funds for the payment of suppliers and management).
I have some ideas to improve my skills, and I’m currently undecided whether to get a degree in economics/law (which would qualify me for some exams and the path would be shorter than normal) or a master’s degree.
I am satisfied with where I have arrived and with what I do for others. I don’t regret anything except having more free time for myself.

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