Alexandrina Ribeiro

I am Alexandrina, sociologist and I’m working, for the past 20 years, in an Non-governmental organisation/association.
I have a long experience as an Educational Projects Coordinator, having to collaborate in various stages of adult education and training projects: diagnosis, planning, design, development and evaluation; develop Training Plans and Programs Applications for Funding; make personal and social mediation in EFA courses (Education and Training courses for Adults); Monitoring RVC processes (Recognition and Validation of Competencies); Conceiving the information and the disclosure of actions / courses; Carrying out the process of recruitment and selection of trainees and trainers; proceed with personal guidance, social, educational and vocational trainees; manage conflicts, and coordinate teams skills training; design and implement evaluation strategies; monitoring the organization, logistics and development of actions; participate in the process of renewal of Accreditation Training Entity (DGERT).
The main requirements at the level of work are in the design of creative and innovative projects that respond to the needs of adults in terms of improving their social and professional competences and qualifications.
What I like least is the process of recruiting the public, as there is not enough voluntary participation/demand for training.
Professionally, what fulfills me most are the interpersonal relationships I establish with the various people I come into contact with, especially learners, and support and guide them to improve their academic and professional qualifications. Therefore, my interest in terms of what to study more is keep investing in training that relates to this dimension.
My training in sociology allowed me to mobilize a set of knowledge related to conception, planning and organization and a comprehensive view of people’s social behavior, important in training contexts. Knowledge of data analysis and statistics also proves to be useful in my professional activity, as well as skills in terms of communication, preparation and processing of information.
Over the years I have invested in other training that has been useful to me, namely a Postgraduate Course on “Design, Management and Evaluation of Projects in Partnership” and a Postgraduate Course in Management of Social Organizations. Lifelong learning is something I believe to be very important.
My experience in coordinating two Erasmus+ projects, in adult education, and participation in one other as partner has been also very interest experience and opportunity to learn more about adult education at European level.

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