Digital strategist

Rebecca Viglione

I am Rebecca and I like to call myself Multipotentialite: I like to learn, experiment and play with creativity. I have been involved in web design, social management and snackable content for several years. In particular I mix colors, geometry and fonts in graphic design and UX. I write eye-catching and SEO-focused content for websites. I draft editorial plans, identify target audiences, and analyze data to best hit the target.
I have been working for 5 years now in the same company (a very innovative and exciting reality) and here I have held a wide variety of roles: I write content for different websites and I take care of digital communication (video, social, etc.) graphics, copywriting and web design.
I manage the communication of all European, national and local projects. Sometimes I am also coordinator of some project activities, which the company writes and then manages. I take care of the Coworking, organizing and managing the common spaces, dedicating myself to reception, ideation, design and event planning.
A lot of creativity, empathy, problem solving, passion and enthusiasm are needed in the work I do.
I have taken many courses and in particular an Executive Master on Web Content Management to learn marketing and communication strategies. I try never to give up training, in this job every day there is something to discover and learn, and you cannot risk not knowing the next social trend!
I believe that to take this career, you need to be a person who is curious and always ready for change: it is a dynamic job and you need to keep up with the times!

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