Pedagosist and Psychomotricist

Aria Sermenghi

I am a Pedagogist and Psychomotricist living in Italy, between Bologna and Perugia. My career began with a degree in Childcare Services Educator, with subsequent specialization of a degree in Pedagogy, I continued my studies with training as an A.I.M.I. Infant Massage Teacher. (I.A.I.M.) and then concluded with a three-year master’s degree in Relational Psychomotricity. Following many years of experience as a nursery school Educator, I began my career as a Pedagogist in services for 0-6 years and contributed to the creation and co-planning of “KwBaby”, an Experimental Educational Service in the Bologna area at the Kilowatt Cooperative. To date this is considered one of the most cutting-edge innovative services in the area. I open “Cargomilla” together with my colleagues and partners, a Social Promotion Association aimed at responding to the needs of families and early childhood and adolescence. The pillars that I follow and towards which I deepen my training, the educational approach towards children and the training of all adults who in various capacities deal with childhood are: outdoor education, itinerant education, educating community, gender education, inclusiveness, free expression, relational psychomotor skills, emotional education, support and accompaniment for families. After many years of experience as a Pedagogist in outdoor educational services for 0-6 people, I add Psychomotor training to refine and enrich my professional profile aimed at people from 0 to 100 years old.

My job is to help people who in various capacities deal with childhood and education to grasp the resources and tools of each one to encourage the development of the human and learning potential of children and adults and facilitate the harmonious psycho-physical development of people. I also deal with the management of educational issues related to the evolutionary development of people. My commitment is aimed at the management, monitoring and supervision of educators and the group of children in educational services. I am responsible for drafting and managing the pedagogical project and educational planning and Outdoor Education experiences. I participate in territorial pedagogical coordination meetings in the municipality. I am a trainer for adults in the topics of outdoor education, itinerant education, groups 0-6, educational community, educational awareness. I pay great attention to parenting support.

The biggest challenge is to improve own training and keep it up to date. Working in the educational and preventive field means investing in lifelong learning. The other challenge is knowing how to approach people in a welcoming way, with respect and without judgment, with the aim of grasping one’s own resources and showing them why he can choose to bring balance and well-being into his life.

I have always been attracted to the stories of little people and those who follow them as adults. This is why I have always been committed to actively listening, caring for and welcoming the family and all the people who revolve around it, to ensure that they receive the necessary attention, support, tools and respect.
Hence the need arises not only to train quality educational staff, but also the desire to create welcoming spaces that are able to take care of the family in a non-judgmental, accessible, open to change and shareable way. In this process I have always relied on the teachings of nature, as a teacher of slowness, beauty, transformation and justice. Thanks to subsequent studies in relational psychomotricity, I am able to give great value to the experience of playing as a vehicle for the emotional and psychic life of each person. Being a psychomotricist allows me to go deeper into stories and help people get out of blocks and difficulties.
The aim is to contaminate citizenship with an active and aware childhood culture.

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