Alekssander Santos

I finished my Professional Cookery Course in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2017, which gave me the equivalent of a 12th-grade qualification.
I came to Portugal in 2018 and the course made it easy for me to find work as a cook. I started working in a restaurant as a Kitchen Assistant and then moved to a hotel as a Junior Cook. There the team leaders realised that I already had knowledge of cooking and was keen to learn more, so they offered me a continuing training course in cooking, which I completed.
The most important thing in my job is to know a wide variety of ingredients and cooking techniques so that we can adapt to what is asked of us in the kitchen. And also to have a good knowledge of hygiene and safety at work.
I like creating new dishes, mixing cuisines from different countries, and innovating. I do not like the stress that exists in a kitchen when there are too many orders and the team cannot fulfill all the requests in the expected time.
I want to keep learning as much as I can about cookery, because it is a profession I love.

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