European project manager

Ramona Dogaru

I am a expert in European project management. I have worked a lot on Erasmus+ project during the last 15 years. My job is to develop programs that bring to my beneficiaries’ new ideas and help them to have a better situation in the society. It means that we are checking the needs of our environment and then we design project that can lead to a better situation. The most interesting part of my job is when ideas are granted but the one, I like the most is when we have reached our gools and developed the expected outcomes.

You have the opportunity to design project that bring something to your territory or to the organization you work with. You can analyze, imagine a solution, and develop it. This innovative part is the one like the most in my job.

The part I like less is the reporting of the audit we often must face. This is always very stressful. Sometimes, you don’t rely on you but partners or organizations rely on you, so you need to be good when you act.

Good communication is very important, we need to deal with transnationality and people coming from different countries and culture. This is what we name diversity. Myself, I come from a different country the one I leave today.

The technical knowledge related to the European program development is very important, but we need to adapt as well to the topic we speak about. We need to train and do some research to be able to lead some project. Speaking several languages is more than expected in my job.

I have learnt to be very flexible and to lead several projects at the same time. This is sometime stressful but most of the time. I like starting new adventures.

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