Lawyer (Trainee)

Angeliki Barmpetaki

Angeliki Barmpetaki – Trainee Lawyer

My name is Angeliki and I have been working as a trainee lawyer for more than a year and a half. I have recently taken the Bar exam and I am waiting for the results so as to know whether I am officially a lawyer or not.

Working as a lawyer can be multidimensional, as may fields of expertise do exist. In any case, it undoubtedly requires understanding the facts of each case/ situation in order to be able to transfer them into the legal world in the most sufficient and suitable way. It demands not only to be present in trials of clients, but also to adequately prepare for them in advance. It is not an easy task at all. However, as time passes by, you learn to work under pressure, for many hours and give the best possible results. Albeit prestigious and respected, this profession does not offer you from the beginning outrageous salaries. You must work really hard and become well-established in your field of expertise so as to seek for a higher income. Thus, only if you truly love studying law, you can excel at it and be highly paid!

Furthermore, I am a postgraduate student of the LL.M in International and European Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I have submitted my LL.M thesis regarding the EU Data Protection legal framework and the defense of my thesis is about to take place soon. Combining an everyday demanding job with an equally demanding fulltime master’s program is quite challenging, indeed. Nevertheless, it is worth giving it a try, since academic knowledge and research definitely assist in understanding law in depth and become familiar with many theories and ways of thinking. Being able to search and acknowledge both sides of the coin and become familiar with specific legal terms and concepts are some characteristics much needed, especially in a competitive job market.

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