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Anais Corpet

I am Anais and for more than 10 years I have been selling flats and houses in France. I am working in a real estate Company in the north of France, but before this, I have been working in Paris and as well in Marseille in the south of France.

My work includes a lot of different tasks. First, I need to create my own network and to search and find nice opportunities for my business. My job includes the administration of the stock (house, Flats, shops to be sold), the negotiation with the owner and the seller and of course my manager. My job is very challenging, and I like it a lot.

The work I do, includes to deal with very personal situation. The clients, I means the families, I work with. When I work with them, I must deal with their personal story. Selling a house or buying one is not just an object you buy, or you sell. It is a part of a story that starts or finishes. I have to say, a big part of my job deals with psychological aspect of human being. I need to organize myself to make my clients finding their dreaming house. I am really motivated to do this job. My aim is to provide nice properties for my clients. The part of my job, I like the most is the relationship you create with a family. Most of the time, you accompany them during some days and to please them, you need to investigate to better know their tastes and their expectation. The most motivating part of the job is when I succeed in finding the beloved flat or house.

I have graduated a communication school, and it helps me a lot in my job. Sometimes my job can be very technical because you need to know about the property’s legislation, accounting, technical norms such as environmental norms. Dealing with this job, you are as well all the time in contacts with notaries, lawyers and sometimes with experts and civil servant.
At technical level, I need to study all the time to keep my information UpToDate, my colleagues and partners taught me a lot in the previous years, now I am happy to transfer my knowledge to new workers. Of course, sometimes it is not easy because in this job there is a lot of competition, you get paid when you sell something and sometimes you colleagues are as well your competitors. As a resume, I would say, patience, tenacity and hard work is competencies you need to have in this job.

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