Cleaning lady in Paris and in vocational training to become journalist

Gladys Kitenge

I am Gladys and I’ve been working as a housekeeper (and also as an interim cook and babysitter) in Paris for the benefit of individuals and companies.

My work consists of the cleanliness of private apartments and company premises and compliance with hygiene, cleanliness and autonomy guidelines in my work.

My origin is French and I was born in Africa. When I arrived in France and Paris, I finished my secondary education. My initial training remained basic, but I had communication classes in particular (I am very comfortable speaking) and that’s why I couldn’t claim more valued jobs at this stage. I also have to take care of the education of my two children on my own. Luckily, my job allows me to manage both and maintain a professional balance.

But I’m in the process of making a career change to become a journalist, my real passion. I chose to evolve by capitalizing on my communication skills. It is in this context that I consider it important to capitalize on one’s own qualities and not to hesitate to change jobs during one’s career. Which is what I’m doing.

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