International project manager

Cedric Gullion

I am Cédric and I’ve been working in several positions in the field of European projects during the last 3 decades.

I have a diploma in international management. I currently graduated from a business school and did my last year abroad.

I must say this diploma has been very useful in the field I work because the topics that I studied such as accounting, law, communication, marketing, languages are very important in my every day in my office.

I would like to speak about my first experience in the labor market. I was then working in a training center and dealing with my first European projects. I was chosen because of my knowledge but as well because I had an experience in a different country. The project I was involved in was with several partners form Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, and Spain, including partners from Canarian Island. It has to be known that at that time partnerships very often were not so “professional” and it happened that the Spanish partners were not fluent at all in any of the languages spoken by the partnership except Spanish.

Taking into consideration the situation, and because I was early graduated, my employer asked me if I would accept to learn Spanish in a Crash courses so the partners could communicate.

I was given 1 month to learn Spanish basics and then sent to Spain to the first meetings and to provide kind of translation so the partners could work together. It took me weeks to feel comfortable but as we were 2 weeks in Spain, I learnt quickly. This is a real challenging situation, I wanted to share. We learn all the time.

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