Manager of a sport center

Xavier Lesaffre

I am Xavier and for more than 30 years I work in the sport sector, I have been myself coach, then trainer and I own my business in the past 10 years. I deal every day with the health of my client, and I like it quite a lot.

My works is to motivate people to define challenges, some of them need a space to feel quiet and peaceful. Others in the opposite need goals that lead them to overcome their boundaries. My own objective is to analyze their expectations and to propose an adapted program.

Being the owner of this sport club is a lot of responsibility, I oversee the safety and wealthiness of the members. I must pay attention when they enter my gym to make sure they are capable of practicing sports. A single minute without being attentive can lead to an accident. Sports need to remain a pleasure. When dealing, with the body of people, you need as well to deal with their wellbeing. It includes sometimes as well their Diet.

I have a diploma in Sport and was trained in all the activities that are proposed in my sport center. I must go to training very often to keep my license. The skills that are needed in my job is the ability to motivate people, to go well with people and to create a safe atmosphere.
As owner of my own company, I have had as well to develop accounting, bookkeeping, communication competences. And work with the municipality can be a big part of my job when unexpected situation happened. Example: once was water in the sport center due to flood.

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