Communication and graphic designer

Daniela Scalia

I am Daniela I am 36 years old and based in Italy.

I have almost 10 years’ experience as a communication and graphic designer.

I am specialized in communication: advertising graphics, web management, video and social networks. Additionally, I have a strong experience in the design and creation of stands for fairs and events. I am implementing these tasks both as an employee and as a freelance.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Architecture and a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan; before that I have completed a technical high school in graphical arts and multimedia contents.

My duties include the creation of graphic layouts and videos for company promotion; planning and design of communication contents linked to projects financed by the European Commission such as the creation of websites, brand identity, newsletters, videos and graphics; management and monitoring of the website and newsletter; management of social networks; creation of graphic layouts and videos for company promotion; creation of technical documents and graphics for events.

For my current jobs the following skills are needed: visual, digital and creative skills for the design of content and familiarity with the use of the main graphics and CMS software. As I mainly serve clients who work on sustainability and environmental issues; green skills and knowledge of circular economy and sustainability are also important.

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