Youth Educator

Graciela Ramírez

I have been an educator specialising in minors for 25 years. My job is to work directly with minors under governmental protection (under guardianship).
I studied a diploma in Social Education and I have training in Emotional Intelligence, Sexual Education, Gender Diversity.
The skills or competences needed to carry out my work are, first of all, many social skills such as communication, active listening, empathy to know how to provide support based on respect and the integrity of the person, generate a bond of trust with them and make them feel protected, as they are young people who have suffered serious abuse and neglect in their families. It is about playing a very close role, aware that they need a lot of affection and patience. Another very important aspect is teamwork, it is essential to know how to coordinate and work with other professionals.
The positive aspects of my profession are that it is mainly vocational, I have always liked dealing directly with people, helping to make the world a better place. So I was very lucky to be able to dedicate myself to it. Every day is an apprenticeship for these young people, to think that life has meaning, that I am a person of reference for them, to value what they have, to be a kinder and closer person. Although there are complicated moments, I have always been very grateful.

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