Radiology technologist


My name is Georgia and I am a radiology technologist, also known as radiographer. My job is to conduct diagnostic images for example x-rays, mammography, CT scans etc. The doctor uses these images in order to make a diagnosis and give the appropriate treatment.
I have studied radiology and radiotherapy , I have done my internship in a hospital and I have been working in a diagnostic center for two and half years.
My duties are the following: preparing the patients for their examination by explaining them the whole procedure, positioning them correctly and operating the medical equipment that captures the images. The work needs critical thinking because you have to ensure that the image is diagnostic or that includes the areas of concern. One more skill that is needed is the capacity to be patient with people of different ages for example elderly people or toddlers due to them oftentimes needing a different approach in explaining the procedure. Also, as healthcare professional I work with patients who are often in pain, and I have to handle emotional stress and be compassionate.
Why I chose to become radiographer? Firstly it is very interesting due to being exposed to different modalities and equipments, secondly I enjoy helping the patients and make the difference in their lives , and lastly, due to medical technology advances quickly I have many opportunities to expand my knowledge , learn new technologies and gain new skills.

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