Orthodontic Eugentist

Carlos Teruel

I have been an orthodontic eugenicist for more than 22 years. I started as a eugenicist by chance because a person was needed in a dental practice and I was looking for a job. In those days you didn’t need a degree to do this job.
After a few years I got a 2-year degree as an orthodontist.
The positive aspects of my profession are that, although I am really a “by chance”, it is a profession that I like very much, you help people to be pain-free, to have good oral health.
My job is to deal with the public, so the skills and competencies needed to develop it have to do with empathy, understanding that people can come with discomfort and a less than ideal character, caring for the patient as I would like to be cared for if I were in their particular situation. It also requires dexterity to work in the mouth.

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