Greek Language Teacher

Alexandros Mitrovgainis

I am Alexandros Mitrovgainis, Manager-Director of the 1st Centre for Creative Employment called “Protoporia” for people with visual impairments. Philologist, Braille writing and reading system trainer.As I am also part of this specific target group I have extensive experience in helping people for their full integration into society by providing the opportunity for creative employment to children with visual disabilities of pre-school, primary and secondary education, outside school hours, through programs of expression and entertainment, speech practice and development of individual and social skills.

In addition, children are given the opportunity to participate in pre-vocational training programmes, as well as the provision of support services for the children themselves and their family and relatives.
Additionally, I am studying a Master’s degree in Social Policy specializing in Immigration Discrimination and Citizenship, Department of Social and Educational Policy at University of Peloponnese.

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