Electrical Maintenance Technician

William Mateus

I took the Electrical Installation Technician course at Inforpreparação in Oeiras, Portugal.
I started on an electrical course for a year and a half, but the course was closed due to the high number of dropouts. I did not give up on the area, and I subsequently joined the Electrical Installation Technician vocational course and completed it. When I started the second course I already had some general notions of electricity, which I deepened, and I developed new skills, especially with the trainers of the technological subjects.
In my day-to-day work, I have to be able to spot problems and solve them, to know how to improvise some work depending on the scenarios I encounter, and to be able to work as part of a team.
Because of the cost of living in the capital – Lisbon – I had to move to the smaller city of Tomar with my wife and son. I would say that my least favourite thing about my job is the city where I work because it is very different from Lisbon, and nothing about the job itself. Even though eople here are friendly and like to help each other.

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