Chartered Accountant

Emmanuel Lavocat

I am Emmanuel and I’ve been working in several positions with the diploma of chartered accountant, I got 25 years ago.

This diploma gave me the opportunity to have had access to several jobs during my current carrier.

At first, I have a bachelor’s degree and then I am also graduated in a business school in Paris. Adding this diploma to my initial training was helpful, because it gave me theoretical and practical knowledge in economics, accounting and finance as a priority. It also gave me professional qualities in terms of management, rigor and organization.

The training of a chartered accountant is also very interesting in terms of knowledge of economic sectors, companies and all other forms of public or private organizations such as associations, groups and forms of self-employment. What they have in common is the need to have accounts to be drawn up, audited and certified. This is what makes this diploma transversal and useful for the career.

On a personal level, thanks to my several experience in accounting and auditing firms, I was able to know many and varied professional sectors, companies and associations of all sizes.

Also, this diploma provides useful and practical professional skills such as communication with others, team and data management, practical organization and compliance with rules. It is this rigour, combined with an approach to others, that I found enriching and that I think is important to share today.

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