Buying Assistant – Commercial Department

Panagiotis Soulios

Venturing into the dynamic world of business, my academic journey in Business Administration stemmed from an unyielding passion for understanding sales processes, consumer behavior, and marketing dynamics. My pursuit was driven by a core belief in ensuring fairness across B2C and B2B interactions, setting the stage for my career path.

Starting as a Sales Advisor, I embarked on an exploration of consumer-centric projects, catalyzing a progression through diverse roles. Each experience, from dispatching and customer care to sales endeavors, fortified my arsenal with enhanced communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

However, it’s my role as a Buying Assistant at JD Sports that resonates deeply. Here, I blend academic insights with real-world application, navigating the nuances of procurement, negotiation, and customer-centric strategies. I’m committed to curating an unparalleled buying experience, harnessing my understanding of consumer behavior to forge seamless B2C and B2B transactions.

My unwavering dedication and belief in hard work fuel my pursuit of excellence. I view this role as an avenue for continuous learning, thriving on the challenge of contributing meaningfully to the success of an industry. It’s not just a position, it’s an opportunity to craft innovative solutions and drive impactful results. My commitment to practical excellence in sales has shaped my career, emphasizing adaptability and a strong focus on client satisfaction.

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